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Friday, June 19, 2015

STC Summit 2015

Message from Christopher Ward, STC Austin President
(lightly edited by Wanda Hill)

We have had some crazy weather here in Texas, so I am tired of it and getting out of town! I am heading to Columbus, OH. to attend the National STC Summit 2015 conference. I will be there representing my company WebWorks, and you, STC Austin. I understand that not everyone will get the chance to attend, but I want to see about bringing some of the conference back to you.

Take a look at the STC summit presentation schedule, and post in our STC Austin LinkedIn group about topics that interest you and why. This is going to let us do a couple of things:
  1. Start conversations over topics that interest us.
  2. Scout out those presentations and bring back some information.
Let me know whom you might like to come to Austin and present.

I can also check speaker's schedules and let you know where they are going to speak next. So check the link below and look at the presentations, then reply to this post. The dates for the conference are the 21st to the 24th of June, so try and post before then.

STC Summit schedule— (Scroll down to see the presentations.)

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

What happened at the May 2015 STC Austin Events?

On May 9, professional recruiter Jack Molisani presented his virtual workship Be The Captain of Your Career! This presentation is available at

On May 11, Cruce Saunders, founder and principal consultant at Simple [A] presented The Emerging Role of the Content Engineer. This presentation is not available on the web.

What happened at the April 28 2015 STC Austin Meeting?

Christopher Ward, Director of Sales at Webworks, presented Generating Revenue: A New Way to Look at Documentation. This presentation is not available on the web.